With support of the and Latvia’s State Forests (Latvijas Valsts meži), we have managed to
purchase special equipment for printing tactile paper maps, as well as special paper intended for this

I am describing the printing process in a short video here.
The maps are A3 and A4 sheets of paper with tactile information on them.
They are essential for personal use by people with visual impairments. We can print them to order.
They may be a plan of the premises or area where a person lives. It could be a route from home to a
bus stop or to a health centre. By the way, we can do it not only for Latvia.
We hold regular classes in the use of tactile maps.
Here are some videos from our classes:

  1. Jugla area
  2. City centre
  3. City centre 2.
  4. Underground passage in the city centre

To order maps or sign up for a class, call +371 26 38 32 51.

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